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Wrist-Aid MD is offered in 3 unique sizes: Round, Average, and Flat.


If your wrist is exceptionally small, thin and round, we recommend trying the "Round" size Wrist-Aid MD first. And if your wrist is exceptionally wide and flat, we recommend the "Flat" size Wrist-Aid MD. The "Average" size should fit most people outside these extremes.

Use the guides below to determine which size to order.


If you have a Trial Kit with all 3 sizes of Wrist-Aid MD, simply print the SIZING GUIDE below out at 100% and use to measure your wrist and help choose your size.

Try each size Wrist-Aid MD for 14 days. Comes with replacement adhesives.  *new customers only

Get up and running with reliable pain relief. Contains 28 Wrist-Aid MD’s with adhesives pre-applied for quick and easy daily wear.

Pain relief to your door, every month, for less than a cup of coffee a day. Save 20%, cancel anytime. Free 7-day trial pack with first subscription.

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